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Payment Methods 
- Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Net 30 open accounts are available for acceptably rated schools and government. Others requesting terms must complete our credit application. Terms are available only to those located in the United States & Canada. Past due accounts are subject to a late payment fee or 5% per month. If credit is granted by Abdou Express, all decisions with respect to extension or continuation are the sole discretion of Abdou Express. 
- C.O.D. orders are not available on the Abdou Express e-commerce website.

Minimum Order 
- Minimum order is $10.00 (not including shipping). Backorders under $10.00 will be automatically cancelled. Please reorder with next order.

Shipping Charges 
- Courier chart rate (based on package weight and zone) + $0.00 handling fee. 
- For next day and second day air orders, dimensional weight charges will be applied when required by the courier. 
- Some chemicals require special handling which will result in a service fee charged by the carrier.  (Such as Laptop Batteries) Many chemicals may not be shipped outside the Continental U.S./Canada or by air domestically. For questions, email the sales dept. at sales@abdouexpress.com

How to return merchandise 
- Please email the Customer Service or Sales Department and request a Return Authorization Number at rma@abdouexpress.com. 
- Place the original package inside another shipping carton, along with a copy of your invoice and a brief explanation of why the original merchandise is being returned. DO NOT mark on the original container or use as a shipping carton. 
- Print the RA number legibly on the outside of the outer shipping carton. Subject to a 15% restocking charge on all Returns. 
- Freight to & from customer because of cancell order, wrong purchase, or any default of customer is not refundable. 
- Freight collect or COD returns will not be accepted. 
- Depending on your location, a different return address will be provided.

Sales Tax 
- California Customers will be charged 8.25% Sales Tax, Resellers holding valid resale permits/vendors license must request tax exempt application in advance by faxing to Abdou Express at fax@abdouexpress.com

Warranty and Disclaimer of Products 
- Abdou Express offers one year limited warranty to many of its products. FTA Receivers are not returnable after flashed. There are no express warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof. SELLER DISCLAIMS ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR OF FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Since Abdou Express cannot control the manner of use of products after their sale, DLS will not be responsible for any consequential or indirect damages. No warranties will apply if the products are in any way altered or modified after shipped by Abdou Express.

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Miscellaneous Information 
- Product listings, specs, availability, and pricing are subject to change without notice. Not responsible for typographical content errors. 
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